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Apr 20
Urgent Message from airline pilot to Kerry Cassidy
U R G E N T - S I T U A T I O N

Big fan. You seem to be one of the only vocal people that’s actually awake.

Please keep me anonymous. I use this as a troll account and for staying connected with all my conspiracy folks, political news, porn, comedy…etc!

I work as a pilot part time. I do freelance for pax and some times cargo on heavy jets.

You’ll hear this in the mainstream news in the coming months. As a contractor that’s type rated on several aircraft, I work with multiple airlines, private jet companies and aerial tour agencies. There’s an ongoing coverup of the amount of Pilots dying at the cockpit. There’s no technical emergencies. I know of Atleast 3 SouthWest Pilots who passed out during a briefing on ground. All vaccinated. Ages between 58 and the youngest was 31.

But here’s the kicker, Insurance companies are refusing to insure pilots who got vaccinated or boosted. They are considered a priority 1 risk.

On a separate note, we have been flying in large cargo boxes into Gatwick, Amsterdam, NewYork, Melbourne and DFW over the past 3 months. The boxes are shipments of a drug called Oseltamivir and another called peramivir. We have never moved this much tonnage of a single product. I’ve personally done 5 runs full cargo on a 757. It’s the treatment drug for a avian flu virus H5N1. Apparently the only avian flu that’s recently been announced it transfers to humans.

FYI: When on government contract we get different NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) than civilian pilots, ours come from NORAD. Two weeks again when they were shooting down UAPs over US airspace, we clocked an object doing Mach. 12 and we’re asked to decent our altitude by NORCOM.

That’s 12 times the speed of sound. You won’t hear that on the news.

Something is cooking. There are snakes in the grass. Stay vigilant 👁

Please keep me anonymous. Thank you!

Capt. D

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